Luke, Chris and Mark have been brilliant. We made an initial visit to check the suitability of the 696 for our needs.

The guys were great on a second visit to see if we could fit the carrier frame for a Quingo Flyte mobility scooter in the “garage” of the motorhome.

On the day, all was ready and waiting for us. Mark quickly helped me fit the frame into the home, and the scooter was “driven” in.

The briefing was concise, but complete, and we had no problems operating any of the systems during our trip. Two weeks were suddenly over and we returned totally satisfied. Profesional treatment throughout our dealings with these three gentlemen.

Would we hire from New Marque again : certainly. But my wife now has her eye on a cruise!

The van – adapting to driving it was very quick. It is as easy to drive as a car, just make use of the mirrors and remember you are a bit wider than in your car. It does not feel heavy, it has a responsive engine, and is a joy to drive.

The yukky jobs, waste water and chemical toilet are surprisingly easy to carry out. You have no need to worry about doing these at all.