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So can you go on a motorhome holiday with a newborn baby?

YES, we did just that and We escaped to the east coast for a long weekend in April with our 2 month old baby.

Now if you have a baby you will know they need lots of ‘stuff’ and that even taking them out for the day you need to pack half your house up for those ‘just in case’ scenarios, so Il admit it was a tight squeeze with just the three of us. All of the kit we needed for the baby did take up a fair amount of room, but hey we managed to take practically everything! and it was good to be away from all the work emails and have some great family bonding time!

My top tips for anyone looking to hire a motorhome with a baby:

  • Make sure your babies Moses basket or travel cot fits in the motorhome.
  • Book a campsite with electric hook up so you can use any prep machines that may be needed. You can buy sterilizing tablets that make up a bowl of water for sterilizing
  • Consider the time of year, at the height of summer a motorhome can get pretty warm inside, Motorhomes will have heating but not Air-Con.
  • Make sure the motorhome has a big enough garage area for the pram as there won’t be much room for this inside the motorhome.
  • Try and stay close to local amenities just in case you need something, it takes time to pack up and move the motorhome. so if its a short distance from your campsite it can be quicker to walk.

Make sure your babies car seat fits in securely.

Motorhomes don’t have Isofix, so they need to be secured using the seatbelt but again this might catch some people out if the belt isn’t long enough.

Before booking your motorhome hire ask if they have had a baby car seat fitted before and the belt is long enough. You can see an example of can how we did this in the picture

Baby seat belted into a motorhome