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Hire a Motorhome and Follow The Sun


Imagine this: you’ve spent weeks planning a well-deserved holiday for you and your partner, heading first to the Lake District and then on to explore Scotland. You’ve booked accommodation well in advance to avoid disappointment and your itinerary is confirmed.

But once you arrive in the Lake District, you’re greeted by inclement weather. A quick check of the forecast for the next few days in Scotland reveals that things are only going to get worse. You’re feeling disheartened already and this is only the start of your road-trip!

Meanwhile, in South-West England, the weather is beautiful.

Now, you could try and cancel all your accommodation bookings, make a dash for Cornwall and (hopefully) find somewhere to stay. However, depending on T&Cs, you may end up being charged for your pre-booked rooms. Plus, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to find any suitable accommodation down south because the lovely weather has led to an influx of visitors.

Hmmm… decisions, decisions…

Well, this is exactly the situation some recent customers of ours found themselves in, with one big difference: they didn’t book any accommodation ahead of time because they were exploring the Lake District and touring Scotland in a hire motorhome.

And because Colin and Lynne rented a motorhome from us here at New Marque Motorhome Hire in Cambridge, they were able to change their plans at the first sign of bad weather, without incurring any accommodation cancellation fees, and head south for some fun in the sun.

So that’s exactly what they did!

GPS provides more than just peace of mind

Using the GP technology that comes as standard in all our motorhomes (for added customer safety), we were able to download a map of Colin and Lynne’s route to highlight exactly how their trip panned out.

Motorhome Hire GPS

As you can see, Colin and Lynne’s motorhome road-trip started out near Cambridge. They headed west towards Birmingham and jumped on the M6 motorway for the Lake District. But once they arrived in Ambleside, the weather was already starting to look rather gloomy.

Motorhome Hire Road-Trip View

Feeling slightly perturbed, Colin and Lynne decided to check the forecast for the coming days in Scotland. They didn’t like what they saw.

After travelling a short way north to explore Keswick, Colin and Lynne decided to completely change their plans and head for Cornwall. And because they’d chosen to hire a motorhome for their trip, they didn’t have to worry about cancelling any accommodation bookings (and potentially losing money); and they didn’t have to worry about not finding anywhere nice to stay in Cornwall because they had a luxury motorhome.

Follow the sun

The further south they travelled, the better the weather got. In fact, when they stopped overnight in Ross-On-Wye, the dodgy-looking clouds they’d seen in Ambleside were already starting to be replaced with smatterings of blue sky.

Motorhome Hire Road-Trip

Another 180 miles south (just over three hours’ drive, according to Google Maps) and the weather had completely turned. As Colin and Lynne arrived in beautiful Bude they were greeted by glorious sunshine. It was literally one of the hottest days of the year. A far cry from what they’d left behind in the Lake District (and what they were probably going to find in Scotland).

Needless to say Colin and Lynne had a wonderful time in Bude. They were able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and had their luxury motorhome (with all its mod cons) to sleep in each night.

So instead of having a gloomy trip with bad weather up north, Colin and Lynne had fun in the sun in Cornwall. And that’s mainly thanks to the fact they’d decided to road-trip in a hire motorhome and benefit from supreme flexibility.

It’s just another reason why motorhomes are such a good choice when you’re thinking of spending some time away in the UK – or even further afield for that matter!

Massive thanks to Colin and Lynne for the photos and for letting us share their motorhome hire experience.

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A Holiday With a Difference

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