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5 Misconceptions About Holidaying with a Motorhome


If you normally stay in a hotel when you go on holiday, but this time you’re thinking of hiring a motorhome, you’ve probably got a few questions before you booking your motorhome holiday.

In this article, we’re answering the most common questions, concerns and misconceptions surrounding a motorhome holiday, so that you can explore the world in comfort and style, no stress involved.

For some people, motorhomes come with a certain old-fashioned stigma attached. They’re seen as dingy, dusty, clunky old things that our grandparents take to the seaside. Not that there’s anything wrong with taking a trip to the seaside, by the way.

Motorhomes and motorhome holidays are often thought of as uncomfortable, cramped beds on wheels, nothing at all like even the most basic of hotel rooms.

But we’re here to tell you that it’s those views that are outdated, not the motorhomes.

Sure, motorhomes have been around a long time. They’re an American invention, first introduced to the public back in 1910. They’ve come a long way since then, with modern appliances, luxury beds, and even WiFi & Netflix

So suspend your disbelief for a few minutes, and let’s dispel 5 misconceptions about motorhomes.

#1 Motorhomes are old-fashioned

Motorhomes might have fallen out of favour with recent generations, because of their portrayal as clunky old beds on wheels. For many, motorhomes are relegated to the 60s and 70s.

How could a motorhome possibly match the standards and comforts of a hotel room or apartment? Especially now, when you can rent an entire home on Airbnb.

Motorhomes are far from old-fashioned. At New Marque, we don’t hire out any motorhome that’s over 18 months old. So, yes, they still make motorhomes, and yes, they’re full of all the things you’d expect from a hotel room, including WiFi & Netflix on certain models.

#2 Motorhomes are cumbersome and difficult to drive

This is a common concern for a lot of people. Motorhomes are fairly large. They are, after all, rolling homes. That doesn’t mean, however, that they’re cumbersome or difficult to drive.

Many modern motorhomes are equipped with power steering and parking sensors & reversing camera to help provide peace of mind when you’re driving somewhere unfamiliar. For a small additional fee, you can ever have a motorhome specific sat nav that will avoid narrow or width restricted roads

#3 Motorhome Holidays are expensive

Sometimes people see the price of an Airbnb or a hotel room for the night and think it’s the cheapest option. Maybe it will be if you’re in the middle of the city and planning to go everywhere on foot.

But for adventure holidays, you can either rent a car as well as your accommodation, or you can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, and combine travel and private accommodation into one package with a motorhome.

It’s efficient, cost-effective, and ultra-luxurious.

#4 Motorhomes are uncomfortable

Gone are the days of fold-out spring beds and cheap plastic tables.

All New Marque Motorhomes are brand new and come fitted with comfortable beds, led lighting and high-end appliances as standard.

We also include Molton Brown soaps, Tassimo coffee machines & Netflix in many of our luxury range motorhomes. In fact, they’re so comfortable, you probably won’t want to give yours back.

#5 Motorhomes just aren’t worth the hassle

Perhaps the most ironic misconception about holidaying with a motorhome is that it’s a hassle. Just one more thing to worry about, right?

Wrong. Choose a motorhome, and instead of being bound to a single place and missing out on attractions and experiences because they’re too far away from where you’re staying, you can go anywhere.

Holidaying with a motorhome is about freedom, and about experiencing the world on your own terms. Go where you want, see new things. Explore the world in comfort and style.

Thinking of a motorhome holiday? Explore the New Marque range of motorhomes on our website.


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