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The UK is home to some of the most beautiful countries in the world. If you’re travelling in a motorhome, here are the 5 best places to visit in the UK.

In the next few years, the number of motorhomes and caravans on the road in the UK is set to increase by 50,000!

And why wouldn’t they? With new luxury motorhomes, your camping experience will go from a sleeping bag on the ground to a cozy bed with all the amenities!

You can travel anywhere in comfort and style. Wondering where to start? Take a look through these 5 places to visit in the UK and hit the road!

The Cotswolds

Looking for a quaint getaway to the countryside? Load up and head to the Cotswolds!

You’ll find dozens of motorhome friendly campsites scattered throughout the 5 counties. From village tours to waterfront views you can find something for everyone driving through these hills.

The Cotswolds provide a great place for hiking, historical sight-seeing, and are known as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This makes is one of the top places to visit in the UK.


Tucked away in southwest England is Dorset. What should you see while you’re there? The Jurassic Coast.

With over 152 kilometers of gorgeous coastline, you can drive your motorhome down the stretch and take in all its beauty. Stop by a number of campsites to rest and check out the coastal towns along the way.

Beautiful rock formations, clear blue waters, walking paths, and fossil hunting are highlights of this trip.

The Lake District

One of the best places to visit in England is the Lake District or Lakeland.

As you travel through the Lake District you’ll find yourself in awe at the various mountain ranges, crystal clear lakes, and deep forests. Scattered throughout are special motorhome campsites and parking areas.

Perfect for hikers, cyclists, and kayakers– the Lake District offers a chance to escape to the outdoors.


Through farmland to the coast, Devon is the shire you’ll want to visit. You’ll drive through green hills to nautical towns bordering the English Channel.

Devon is host to 2 national parks where sight-seeing, hiking, and even horseback riding are there for you to take part in.

Devon is one of the top places to visit in the UK because it has coastal views on each side with hundreds of kilometers of lush landscape in-between.


Deep in the southwest peninsula of England, you will arrive at Cornwall.

If you want to visit a land of cliffs, rocky landscape, and scenic walks on sandy beaches– this is the place for you! Try something new, like surfing, or tour a castle with your motorhome companions!

Cornwall is a brightly coloured area with beautiful architecture and plenty of fun to get into! Take your motorhome as far as you can and breathe in the salt air!

More Places to Visit in the UK

Still feel the need to be on the road? There are plenty of other places to visit in the UK for those who ache with wanderlust.

New Marque Motorhomes can get you there. You can rent a motorhome for a special event or for a fun family trip!

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