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Our Reviews

Top quality service from New Marque

Our Reviews

Top quality service from New Marque

A great service from Luke and his team. Our Motorhome was spotlessly clean and full of all sorts of modern features too numerous to mention but including an electrically powered drop down bed, LED lighting and lots of storage space. We loved our holiday and will definitely look forward to hiring from New Marque again. Thoroughly recommended.

Mr. A Matthews

We hired the Roller Team Zefiro 675 from New Marque twice this year, once as a tester weekend and then a full blown tour of France for a couple of weeks, we found the New Marque team very professional, they explain all the details in as much depth as you need them and as we were motorhome novices we had lots of questions.

The kit is spotlessly clean, faultless to drive and easy to operate, nice welcome touches, simple paperwork process to follow and easy returns – even on a Sunday.

A nice bunch to deal with and we will be back next year to hire their one of their new ones.

Mr. I Seager

We have hired from this company a couple of times the vehicles are just registered hence in excellent condition, the staff are excellent with great customer service.

Company highly recommended… will definitely hire from them again.

Mr. P Pope

Luke, Chris and Mark have been brilliant. We made an initial visit to check the suitability of the 696 for our needs.

The guys were great on a second visit to see if we could fit the carrier frame for a Quingo Flyte mobility scooter in the “garage” of the motorhome.

On the day, all was ready and waiting for us. Mark quickly helped me fit the frame into the home, and the scooter was “driven” in.

The briefing was concise, but complete, and we had no problems operating any of the systems during our trip. Two weeks were suddenly over and we returned totally satisfied. Profesional treatment throughout our dealings with these three gentlemen.

Would we hire from New Marque again : certainly. But my wife now has her eye on a cruise!

The van – adapting to driving it was very quick. It is as easy to drive as a car, just make use of the mirrors and remember you are a bit wider than in your car. It does not feel heavy, it has a responsive engine, and is a joy to drive.

The yukky jobs, waste water and chemical toilet are surprisingly easy to carry out. You have no need to worry about doing these at all.

Mr. R

We (my wife, son and me) recently hired a motor home from New Marque. It was our first time and were a little unsure of what it would be like.

When we arrived we were first met by Chris who was very happy to see us and made us feel most welcome. He then introduced us to Luke who would be looking after us. Luke also was very welcoming and made the whole process simple and explained everything thoroughly for us. After doing the little bit of paperwork, Luke showed us around the motor home and introduced us to the 2 ladies who were finishing off cleaning the motor home. I have to say the motor home was spotless! We could instantly tell these guys go above and beyond to make sure our trip would be the best it could possibly be.

The motor home looked very smart from the outside and we were a little surprised to see just how plush it was inside with leather interior, a bed that at the push of a button comes down from the ceiling, loads of clever storage space, I could go on but needless to say it was a home from home. All we needed to take were our clothes, toiletries, towels and bedding. The beds already have fresh bed sheets on.

We set off for the New Forest in Hampshire. The drive there was so comfortable. I expected the motor home to be quite heavy to drive but it was the complete opposite. A smooth engine with plenty of torque, a light clutch and the best driving seat I’ve ever sat in so we all arrived as fresh as when we set off.

We didn’t want to stay on campsites if we could help it and found plenty of places to park. The motor home’s auxiliary battery charges while you drive so over the whole week we didn’t once need to plug into external electricity. Even with the TV on (which has fantastic signal coverage) all the lights including external we didn’t get below 60% on the auxiliary battery which has a very handy gauge to be able to always see how much electricity we had. There is also a gauge to let you know how much water you have left and how much water is in the waste tank.

The one thing I was a little concerned about before we hired the motor home was having to empty the toilet cassette. I needn’t have been. It is very simple and clean to do and takes 2 minutes. (you don’t see or touch anything you don’t want to)

Having the motor home for a week allowed us to stop when and where we liked. We were fortunate to have good weather for the first few days and then the rain came in so we simply drove a couple of hours to where the weather was better.

Buying a motor home doesn’t make sense for us as we would only use it a few weeks a year max so the initial outlay, the running costs and storage would be too expensive. It makes much more sense to hire one which we now know from New Marque will be any easy and cost effective experience. We now also know by hiring from New Marque that it will be new and very clean.

While we were away we felt safe knowing our car was in a locked security compound with cctv on their premises and when we got back we had the added surprise to find they had valeted it for us!

I have never before written a review for a company that I have received a service from but we were so impressed with the staff, the motor home and the over all experience that I felt I needed to do so.

Mr. M Jones